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Busel - Digital Marketplace

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Mar 2024

Built with the Next.js 14 App Router, tRPC, TypeScript, Payload & Tailwind

A Modern Fullstack E-Commerce Marketplace for Digital Products

We've meticulously crafted a comprehensive marketplace using Next.js 14, starting from the ground up. This cutting-edge platform offers users a seamless browsing experience with a beautifully designed landing page and product pages, complete with custom artwork to enhance visual appeal. With a full-fledged admin dashboard, administrators can efficiently manage the platform while users engage in buying and selling products effortlessly. The inclusion of a locally persisted shopping cart ensures a convenient shopping experience for customers, while authentication through Payload guarantees security and privacy. Additionally, our platform provides resources for users to learn how to self-host Next.js, empowering them with autonomy over their digital presence. Our interface boasts a clean and modern UI, leveraging shadcn-ui to deliver an aesthetically pleasing experience. Users can expect visually stunning emails for sign-up and post-purchase notifications, adding a touch of sophistication to their interactions. Moreover, our commitment to quality is evident with admins having the capability to verify products, maintaining a high standard across the marketplace. With every aspect meticulously coded in TypeScript, we ensure robustness and scalability, setting a benchmark for excellence in online marketplaces. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; our platform offers much more, promising an unparalleled user experience and endless possibilities for growth and innovation.



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