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Ahmed Mahmoud

Animated Website, Personal Branding — Apr '23

Ahmed Mahmoud

My Role

Full-Stack Developer - Feature Scoping, Developing, Testing, Deploying

Timeline & Version

4 Weeks, v1


It’s genuinely Ahmed and his passion to design. The love of colors, Type and Images Shapes my brand. Inspired by the geometric shapes that were originally created thousands years ago.

Simply, the mission was to create something that is created by me for me. Being experienced designers and my expertise in creating global and local brands. I feel that it’s something for me and it’s gonna be different.


Next-Level Motion Visuals

Empower your customers with the ability to tailor their shopping journey to their unique preferences.

Our customizable product pages offer an elegant and organized interface, allowing users to personalize their shopping experience like never before. Seamlessly integrate bespoke options, showcase product variations.

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Ahmed Mahmoud

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