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I'm passionate about Building Websites that elevate your digital presence.


My background in Programming.

In June of 2020, I studied the basics of C programming language in order for me to build Mathematical Applications using the concepts of Advanced Algebra and Calculus at Alexandria University. There, I became obsessed with Programming and Coding.

I was captivated by the ideas of modularity and adaptability, exploring how our constructed technologies are actually works and why it was built

This is my story — alongside some flicks from my recent work experiences.



Nudge Money

Front-End Developer

02/'23 - Present

I'm developing the front-end side company's website ensuring responsive design, cross-browser compatibility.

ORKA Solutions

Full-Stack Developer

02/'22 - 11/'22

Designed and developed an MVP for the Instaprint Mobile Application with a team of marketers.


Freelance Front-End Developer

02/'22 - Present

Leveraged GSAP to meticulously clone and refine a websites, implementing precise animations.

Client Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Dive into Tapestry of Experiences Shared by Thos Who Walked the Journey with Me = Where Satisfaction Finds it's Voice

"Marwan worked as a contractor for our company. He is the kind of front-end developer we were looking for who could follow our coding style and doesn't need much instruction. He helped us design and develop some external pages for our website. He helped us integrate sanity.io, a headless CMS. I must say he did work on time and efficiently. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marwan to anyone seeking a highly skilled and dependable front-end developer for their technical projects."


Hasib Khan

Co-Founder and CTO at NUDGE

"Marawan is very professional and talented … he was able to develop a smooth and usable website for me despite the complexity of the design. He made the animations and it is very good on the website.. i would highly recommend working with such a very professional and creative Developer. He helped me a lot during my website journey.. and he was communicating professionally. And always reply fast to my messages. It will not be the last time working with him. Thanks a lot Marawan for your great work!"


Ahmoud Mahmoud

Senior Graphic Designer at elmenus

"Marwan is a top tier upwork freelancer. His communication is great and he always met deadlines. His work is much appreciated!"


Steve Bjorkman

CEO & Founder at RentalHero.io

"A job well done by Marwan! I have an extremely busy schedule which not many people can bear but Marwan was excellent the entire way! His work was also flawless, he understood each and every detail and left no stone unturned. Thanks again Marwan!" less


Adam Habona

Chief Marketing Officer at Nudge